interessantes detail zu "the life of brian"

ich lese gerade eric idles “the greedy bastard diary – a comic tour of america”, mitgenommen am london city airport vor zwei wochen (achtung: die phoenix paperback ausgabe ist schlecht geklebt!), und wenn idle von den alten python-zeiten palavert, wirds interessant:

“Thinking of ‘The Life of Brian’ reminds me of Graham‘s brave full-frontal-nudity shot on that long-ago day in Tunisia. Graham had to open a window stark naked to find an enormous crowd outside shouting ‘Look! There he is! The Chosen One has awoken!’ We had just started to film the scene, and Graham flung open the window and the crowd went ‘Look!’ when Terry Jones [Regisseur von 'The Life of Brian, M.M.] yelled, ‘Cut!’
‘Er, Graham,’ he said, ‘I’m afraid that we can see that you’re not Jewish.’
‘Props!’ yelled Michael.
With no moyl in sight, a small rubber band was procured, et voilà, an impromptu circumcision; the scene could continue. Graham flung open the window again, but this time, big problem: the crowd had run away. This was Tunisia, an Arab country, fairly liberal by Arab standards, but most of the women have never see bare-assed British men, nor are they allowed to, and Graham’s appearance caused consternation and then pandemonium as the women were dragged away. To be fair, most were laughing hysterically, but the scene could continue until religious rules were satisfied. The men could be part of the crowd, but the women could only be present for the reverse shots without the full frontal nudity.”

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