The Miss Cakehead tribute blog post

Last night The Cakehead loves Evil blog went irreversibly (?) quiet after reaching the actually quite breath-taking mark of 2 million visitors. A sad day for me (and undoubtedly a few others out there), since Miss Cakehead’s blog always was a joint to find the weird, the bordering-on-criminally insane or the outright cupcakeious. FORTUNATELY, today she simply went on with the blogging business. So, in honour of the beautiful, rotting, but still alive site, here’s a half-arsed array of geeky science tattoos. Schrodinger’s cat! I would definitely get that one! (If anyone thinks I am kissing virtual buttocks here, you may in turn kiss my hairy arse. I really love that blog. Congrats, Miss, hope you stick around some.)

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