Die Coenfografik

Wowee! Da hatte der belgische Grafik-Designer Tom Muller über die Feiertage ein bisschen Langeweile. Also schnappt er sich seine Coen-Lieblingsfilme und lässt mal eben diese “Coenfographic” raus. Sweet! (Klick die Grafik, sie wird groß!)

During the holidays I went through my DVD shelf, and re-watched a few of my favourite Coen Brothers films (Millers Crossing — still one of my favourite gangster films, O Brother Where Art Thou, Fargo and No Country For Old Men) and I noticed that the Coens have a knack for ‘repurposing’ actors in their movies. So, with nothing else to do — and letting myself buy into the trend of fan-made infographics (not that I’m a stranger to those) I decided to try my hand at mapping out the Coen filmography and map out the most prevailing actors throughout the years by film (each colour-coded) featuring the correct movie logo/brand and as an added extra some sideline award stats — and to top it off I created a custom typeface for the heading.

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